Helpful Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Are you going out of town soon? Whether you’re planning an overnight trip to the Keys, going on a short cruise, or taking a business trip, you may need to bring your dog to a kennel while you’re away. Below, a Homestead, FL vet offers some tips on boarding your pup.


When scheduling Fido’s mini-vacation, find out what you can and can’t bring for him. Some kennels allow people to bring toys and bedding from home, while others prefer to use their own supplies.

Trial Run

Before leaving for a long trip, bring your furry pal in for a shorter overnight stay. This will make it easier for Fido down the road, as he’ll already be familiar with his home away from home.

The Drop Off

Try not to feed your dog just before you bring him in. Fido may need time to adjust to being in a new environment, and you don’t want him to get an upset tummy. Also, avoid long, drawn-out goodbyes. We know, it’s hard to leave that adorable furry face, but it will be easier on both you and your pup if you keep things short and sweet.

Written Instructions

Write down any key information that your pet’s caretakers would need to know. Keep instructions clear and concise. The kennel staff probably doesn’t have to know that Fido knows how to Roll Over. However, if he is terrified of thunderstorms or has a food allergy, that information would be very helpful to them.


Find out what the kennel’s schedule will be for walking, feeding, and playing with your pooch. If it’s significantly different from what you usually do, get Fido used to his new routine before your trip.


Good kennels will always ask for copies of your dog’s vaccines and registration. Avoid any business that doesn’t require this information. (Note: there is an exception for this if you board Fido at his vet’s, as they would already have those records.)


Ask about the kennel’s policies, business hours, and other pertinent information. You’ll want to find out if you’ll be contacted only in emergencies, or with any little questions that may pop up. It’s also important to know when you can drop Fido off and pick him up.

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