5 Times to Consider Boarding Your Pet

Pets aren’t just furry little roommates: they’re important parts of our lives and families. Unfortunately, Fido and Fluffy can’t go everywhere with us. Sooner or later, you may very well need to board your four-legged buddy. While many people only board their pets when they go on vacation, there are actually several other occasions when bringing your animal companion to a kennel may be a good idea. Read on as a Homestead, FL vet lists some times to consider boarding your pet.

Day Trips

Are you planning to spend the day on a boat? Perhaps you want to visit Dry Tortugas, or go deep-sea fishing. Consider bringing Fido and Fluffy to a pet hotel. That way, if you are delayed, you won’t have to worry about your dog or cat missing their supper, or getting lonely at home all alone.


Boarding is a great way to make sure that your furkid is well taken care of while you’re on vacation. Our location makes us a perfect choice for people who don’t want to leave their pets home alone while they’re enjoying south Florida’s beautiful beaches and warm weather.

Life Events

Weddings, funerals, births, graduations, and other major life events can get pretty hectic, especially if you’re hosting guests from out of town. Boarding your pet is a great option for these important occasions. You’ll be able to focus on the event at hand, while knowing your furry best friend is safe and sound.


If you’re starting a project that will take some time, like a complete kitchen remodel, you may just want to keep your pet out of that area, perhaps by using baby gates. However, for smaller, quicker projects, like painting or installing a new carpet, consider bringing your four-legged pal to a pet hotel. You don’t want Fido or Fluffy getting hurt on tools, or running out an open door.

Medical Procedures

If you need a quick, outpatient procedure, like a tooth extraction, you may very well want your furry pal there to snuggle up with while you recuperate. However, if you are scheduled for a major procedure, consider boarding your pet during your down time. Ask your vet and doctor for specific recommendations.

Do you need to board your pet? We will provide your furry companion with excellent care. Please contact us, your Homestead, FL animal hospital, anytime!

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