Thermal Imaging

Thermal ImagingDigital thermal imaging cameras are designed to read and measure the infrared energy that’s emitted by the skin. For those who suffer from inflammation or circulation problems, this type of imaging can help pinpoint the precise location of the problem. This is especially helpful in the care of animals, since they cannot speak to tell us where it hurts. Used in conjunction with other modalities, like laser therapy, treatment can be much more targeted and therefore infinitely more effective.

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Homestead Animal Hospital is pleased to offer this additional treatment option as part of our comprehensive health care services.

Infrared imaging is a great tool because it is completely non-invasive and painless for the patient. We can use this technique to achieve a more accurate diagnosis of a wide variety of ailments and develop a more customized treatment plan. We can also use thermal imaging for early detection of a number of chronic conditions, such as joint disease and musculoskeletal problems. The sooner we identify the presence of these types of medical concerns, the better we will be able to manage them over time.

Combining digital thermal imaging with laser therapy facilitates the following:

  • Measuring treatment results by getting a visual picture of inflammation before and after a session
  • Detecting additional areas of the body where further laser treatments might be beneficial
  • Identifying secondary areas of inflammation to which the laser can be applied for better results
  • Achieving a more holistic approach to laser therapy
  • Visual assessment of progress over the course of several visits
  • Discovery of areas of potential concerns so they can be addressed before they cause a mobility problem

You love your pet and don’t want to see that special little guy or gal in any pain. The digital imaging and laser therapy services at Homestead Animal Hospital can help improve the chances of a more comfortable and pain-free life. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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