Our Careteam

Hospital Director
Nico grew up in the Dominican Republic, where she had a variety of pets including dogs, cats, and birds—she’s adored animals for as long as she can remember. Her other passion is helping people. As the Hospital Director here at the clinic, Nico is able to make a lasting impact on the community while serving the pets she loves so much!

Nico was referred to Homestead Animal Hospital by an old friend, and first started as a Boarding Specialist in 2001. She’s since worked in almost all areas of the clinic—Nico managed the boarding facility, worked as a Veterinary Technician, and has served in the front office. In 2005, she was promoted to Hospital Director and has been serving the area’s pet lovers in that capacity ever since.

Nico keeps a multitude of pets at home—she likes to joke that her house is more like a zoo! She has an umbrella cockatoo, Cookie; a red-foot tortoise named Little Dude; a pair of cats named Onyx and Marvin; four dogs who go by Buddy, Rocket, Alfie, and Penelope; and a flock of about nine chickens.

Nico’s interests outside of animal care include cooking (a talent passed down from her mother), marketing and business strategy, and art. She loves painting and photography, and is even a licensed tattoo artist. She particularly enjoys using her work to benefit the area’s pet owners—Nico has put her artistic abilities to use in various projects around the hospital over the years!
Office Manager
Yisel has always been interested in medicine and is a true people person—she went to school to become a massage therapist and help others through the power of touch. Eventually, though, she realized that something was missing. When the time came to seek another opportunity, Yisel thought about another passion of hers: animals. A career in the veterinary world was the perfect fit!

Yisel is from San Bernardino, California, and first joined the Homestead Animal Hospital family in the spring of 2008 after being referred by a fellow staff member. She started as a Client Service Representative before becoming Receptionist Manager, then moved into her current position of Office Manager for the clinic.

Outside of work, Yisel enjoys fishing, spending time with family, and doting on her own pet at home, Chloe.
Head Veterinary Technician
Zach has truly grown up around veterinary medicine—his mother has worked in the animal-care field for nearly 15 years, and Zach always considered it a natural fit for himself. His passion didn’t waver! He’s spent his entire veterinary career right here at Homestead Animal Hospital.

A South Florida native, Zach joined the Homestead Animal Hospital team in 2011 as a Kennel Assistant. Through on-the-job training and plenty of hands-on experience, he’s become one of the clinic’s Head Veterinary Technicians. Zach’s favorite part of his work is client education—if he sees a client leave the premises with more knowledge than they had when they walked in, he knows he’s done his job!

Outside of veterinary medicine, Zach is a music lover and regularly attends concerts and music festivals. He also enjoys strategy games, and has been participating in chess tournaments since he was a child. At home, he and his family live with a trio of cats as well as a loveable dog named Jordan.
Boarding Manager
Cyn was surrounded by many family pets while growing up, and she never forgot the unbridled loyalty and love they offered her. She’s wanted a chance to give something back for as long as she can remember—working in the world of veterinary medicine allows her to do just that! Cyn is proud to serve as a voice for animals as a member of the Homestead Animal Hospital family.

Cyn grew up here in Homestead, where her first job involved dog care. Once she had moved on to other positions, she quickly realized that she wouldn’t be happy unless she was working with animals again! Cyn joined the Homestead Animal Hospital team in March of 2014, and now serves as the clinic’s Boarding Manager.

In her spare time, Cyn enjoys practicing her art skills—she’s especially fond of painting, drawing, and scrapbooking—and spending time with her family at home. Cyn has one pet: Liberty, who was rescued as a puppy and is now extremely protective of the entire family.
Boarding Specialist
For Sammy, veterinary medicine is truly a family affair—both her mother and brother work here at Homestead Animal Hospital! She’s grown up around the animal-care field and always knew that she’d love to help pets as a veterinary professional herself. Sammy is proud and humbled to serve as an advocate for animals as a member of the hospital team.

Sammy is a Boarding Specialist here at Homestead Animal Hospital and uses her compassionate touch to ensure that all visiting pets remain healthy and happy. She’s especially fond of taking the area’s animal companions for play sessions, and she also loves to bathe pets whenever the need arises.

When she isn’t looking after pets here at the hospital, Sammy enjoys reading, playing video games, and spending time with her adorable kitten, Panda.
Boarding Specialist
Jodi recalls tending to her neighborhood’s stray animals alongside her sister while growing up, feeding and caring for the critters while keeping the whole operation hidden from her parents. For her, animal care came quite naturally! Working with pets professionally is a dream come true for Jodi.

Jodi is a Florida native and first joined the Homestead Animal Hospital team in February of 2010. She serves the clinic’s visiting pets as a Boarding Specialist, and loves to help the area’s animal companions feel as comfortable as possible while gaining insights into their fun-loving personalities.

At home, Jodi has three dogs of her own, two of whom were rescued from Homestead Animal Hospital. When she isn’t enjoying their company, she likes singing, listening to music, and reading in her free time.
Boarding Specialist
Luna grew up right here in Homestead, where pets were a natural part of life from day one. She’s never taken for granted the unconditional love that our animal friends offer—what better way to return the favor, Luna thought, than by working hands-on with pets as a veterinary professional?

Luna became a member of the Homestead Animal Hospital family in August of 2012, when she signed on as a Boarding Specialist. Her favorite parts of the job are getting to meet new animal companions every day, see sick patients through the treatment and recovery process, and interact with the area’s loving pet parents on a regular basis.

Luna is a proud mother to her young son, Emanuel, and her daughter, Aniyah. When time permits between her busy work schedule and family life, Luna enjoys writing poetry and practicing her photography skills.
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